Paolo Jose Cabading Dejos.

Houston, TX

Good night everyone.

Please, take care and stay safe.

Please, stay strong. Always stay strong.

Keep on going.


Blah blah fucking blah .. THINK FOR YOURSELF .. Shit so annoying .. Have a mind of your own !! I’m attracted to your mind, body language not that stupid slick shit coming out your mouth that I heard 1000 times already .. I don’t care, can we have a successful conversation is the real question.. CAN WE COMMUNICATE? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE?


i’m done


i hate parents that treat their kids like shit and then have the audacity to ask for respect

❝Hell is
loving you in my sleep
and waking up alone.❞

- (via 400eurojob)



Call me selfish but I don’t want you to meet somebody that makes you forget about me.

Sexy isn’t always about boobs or butts. It’s the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think.


you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit

❝It is not enough in this world to be kindhearted.❞

- Lemony Snicket (via kushandwizdom)